Academic System

The school has started ‘Vatsalya Mandir’ for children who lack resources and are unable to rise or grow independently. It is a platform to give them their own identity and let them show their talent which goes unrecognized due to lack of resources. With this aim every child at Vatsalya Mandir is being provided with excellent upbringing and value based education.

This plan was implemented on Sep 23rd 2004 on the occasion of Maha Shiv Ratri, with 11 children (6 girls + 5 boys). The whole expenditure is being borne by an Independent Foundation established by Smt. Susheela Narendra Jeet Singh (Buji) who donated her entire personal property for the establishment of this school. This really represents her love for education and social commitment, which are virtues to be mentioned.

At present 16 girls and 12 boys are being brought up and educated there.